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Analanjirofo is a region in northeastern Madagascar. Until 2009 it belonged to Toamasina Province. It borders Sava Region in north, Sofia in west, Alaotra-Mangoro in southwest and Atsinanana in south.

Analanjirofo is divided into six districts:  Fenerive Est District (Fenerive Est, Fenoarivo Atsinanana)

Mananara Nord District (Mananara Nord, Mananara Avaratra)

Maroantsetra District (Maroantsetra)

   Nosy-Boraha District (Nosy-Boraha, Île Sainte-Marie)

Soanierana Ivongo District (Soanierana Ivongo)

Vavatenina District (Vavatenina)

The capital of the region is Fenoarivo Atsinanana (French: Fénérive Est), and the population was estimated to be 860,800 in 2004. The area of Analanjirofo Region is 21,930 km2 (8,467 sq mi).