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Androy (literally "where the roy (Mimosa delicatula) is," but more commonly translated as "land of the thorny bush" or "spiny desert") is the most southern region of Madagascar. It is located south of the Tropic of Capricorn roughly between the Mandrare and Menarandra rivers (between these two are the Linta and the Manambovo rivers). It is 19,540 km2, has four districts (Ambovombe-Androy, Bekily, Beloha-Androy and Tsihombe and is bordered by the Mahafaly people to the west (Atsimo-Andrefana) the Antanosy to the east (Anosy) and the Bara people to the north (starting at about Isoanala). Androy has 51 Communes and 881 Fokontany.