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The Boké Region is located in western Guinea. It is bordered by the countries of Senegal and Guinea-Bissau and the Guinean regions of Kindia and Labé. Its capital is the city of Boké.

Prefectures of Boké Region include:

   Boffa Prefecture

   Boké Prefecture

   Fria Prefecture

   Gaoual Prefecture

   Koundara Prefecture

The Boké Region is the home to a great part of Guinea's aluminium (or bauxite) reserves. At least two of the country's largest mining facilities are located there:

Compagnie des Bauxites de Guinée, or CBG, which is operated by Halco Mining, an international and intercorporate aluminium mining entity. Alumina Company of Guinea, or ACG, operating the Friguia bauxite-alumina complex in Fria Prefecture.