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Buliisa District is bordered by Nebbi District to the northwest, Nwoya District to the northeast, Masindi District to the east, Hoima District to the south and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, across Lake Albert, to the west. The 'main town' in the district, Buliisa, is located approximately 80 kilometres (50 mi), by road, northwest of Masindi, the largest town in the sub-region. The coordinates of the district are:02 11N, 31 24E.

Buliisa District was created in 2006 by the Ugandan Parliament. Prior to that, Buliisa District was part of Masindi District. The district is primarily rural and most people in the district are either pastoralists, fishers or subsistence agriculturalists. The district is part of Bunyoro sub-region, which is coterminous with Bunyoro Kingdom.