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The Diourbel Region (Serer and Cangin: Jurbel) is a region of Senegal. The regional capital is the city of Diourbel. The region corresponds roughly to the precolonial Kingdom of Bawol and is still called by that name. Bawol (or Baol) is an ancient kingdom formerly ruled by the Joof family, one of the members of the Serer ethnic group found in Senegambia. Inhabitants of the area are called Bawol-Bawol which takes its name from the Serer mode of pluralisation, other examples being : Sine-Sine or Siin-Siin (inhabitants of Sine), Saloum-Saloum (inhabitants of Saloum), etc. The population is overrun by the Serer people especially those from the Cangin group, the Safene in particular.