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As of December 2002, Kamuli District had a population of about 712,000 (2002 population census) with a population density of 236 persons/km². Males comprise 40.5% of the population and females make up 59.5%. The population growth rate is estimated at 5.1% per year.

In 2006, Kaliro District, with a population of 153,513 people in 2002, was split off Kamuli District to form a separate district. That left 558,487 people (712,000 - 153,513) in 2002 numbers in the new Kamuli District. In 2010, Buyende District, whose 2002 population was approximately 191,266, was also peeled off to form a separate district. That left 372,221 people (558,487 - 191,266) in 2002 numbers. It is estimated that as of 2010, the population of Kamuli District has grown to about 554,100.