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Under the colonial administration, Kapchorwa District was Sebei County, located in North Bugisu in the now defunct Bukedi District. Kapchorwa was granted district status on 1 February 1962, shortly before Uganda became an independent country.

Kapchorwa District is home mostly to Kalenjin peoples, including the sub-groups: Sabiny, Pokot and Nandi. They were mainly cattle keepers in the late 1960s but a change was seen when their northern neighbors, the Karamojong, raided most of their cattle, and displaced hundreds of people. The populations most affected lived along the Kapchorwa plains; particularly in Ngenge Sub-County of Kapchorwa District and in Bukwa District. This displacement of the population, has resulted in abject poverty among the affected households. People have been forced to live in Internally Displaced People (IDP) camps, with very limited resources.