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Katakwi District is bordered by Napak District to the north, Nakapiripirit District to the east, Kumi District to the south, Ngora District and Soroti District to the southwest and Amuria District to the west. The district's 'chief town', Katakwi, is located approximately 55 kilometres (34 mi), by road, north of Soroti, the largest town in the sub-region. The coordinates of the district are:01 54N, 34 00E.

Katakwi District was created in 1997. It was formerly part of Soroti District. The district is located in the Teso sub-region, home to an estimated 2.5 million people of Iteso and Kumam ethnicities, according to the 2002 national census. In June 2005, the western part of the district was carved out to create Amuria District.