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Kitgum District is bordered by South Sudan to the north, Kaabong District to the east, Kotido District to the southeast, Agago District to the south, Pader District to the southwest and Lamwo District to the northwest. The coordinates of the district are: 03 13N, 32 47E (Latitude:3.2222; Longitude:32.7777). Kitgum, the largest town in the district, is located approximately 452 kilometres (281 mi), by road, north of Uganda's capital, Kampala. The district is composed of one county: Chua County. In 2010, Lamwo County was separated from Kitgum District to form Lamwo District. Kitgum District is a constituent part of Acholiland, home to an estimated 1.1 million Acholi, according the 2002 national census.