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Koinadugu District is a district in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone. It is by far the largest District in Sierra Leone in geographical area. Its capital and largest city is Kabala, which is also one of the main cities in Northern Sierra Leone. The other major towns in the district include Sinkunia, Falaba, Fadugu and Kurubonla The District of Koinadugu had a population of 265,765 in the 2004 census, and has a total area of 12,121 km2 (4,680 sq mi).

The District of Koinadugu borders Bombali on the west, Tonkolili District to the south-west, Kono District to the south and the Republic of Guinea to north east. Diamond mining is a major economic activity in the district, as well as agricultural production of rice, mango, cacao, and coconut. Koinadugu is one of the most ethnically diverse district in Sierra Leone.

The district is mainly muslim (over 85% of the population) and Islam dominates the religious and cultural practices in the district. Most schools in the district have Islamic religious affiliation.