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Kouffo is one of the twelve departments of Benin. The area of Kouffo is 2,404 km.² (928 mi²). Kouffo borders the country of Togo and it also borders the departments of Mono, Zou, and Atlantique. Since 2008, the capital is Aplahoué. This department was formed in 1999 when it split from the department of Mono.

Kouffo is divided into the communes of Aplahoué, Djakotomey, Klouékanmè, Lalo, Toviklin and Dogbo. The markets at Azove, Klouekanme and Hlassanme form the basis of the local informal economy.

The majority of the population is Aja language (Gbe) speaking. Other local languages include Tchi, notably in the Tchi Depression in the eastern limit of the department.