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The town is a strongly traditional community, and is governed by the Lajamanu Community Government Council as well as a local tribal council. The Lajamanu Council was formed in 1980, and was the first community government council to be formed in the Northern Territory. On cultural matters, the council defers to the local tribal council, because traditional customs are still practised and generally dominate the thinking of the community.The majority of Lajamanu residents have Warlpiri as their main heritage language. Lajamanu School was a Warlpiri-English bilingual school from 1982 until 2008 when the Northern Government introduced a policy banning Warlpiri language instruction for the first four hours of every school day. This has contributed to a significant drop in attendance at Lajamanu School since 2009. It has been reported that young people now speak Light Warlpiri as a first language. Most official business and education is delivered in English.