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A commercial centre from the time a trading post was opened in 1885, Bremersdrop was designated a township in 1898. Arthur Bremer sold his hotel for use as British Colonial authorities who had administered Swaziland since 1894 as their national administrative headquarters, and stipulated that the settlement would bear his name (dorp is the Afrikaans word for "small town"). The name reverted to its original Swazi name, Manzini, in 1960.

The town was a British/Boer colonial headquarters from 1890, but was destroyed in 1902 amid the Anglo-Boer War when the administrative centre was transferred to Mbabane. However, Bremersdorp subsequently remained the commercial, agricultural and transportation heart of Swaziland, earning the town the nickname "The Hub." Since its inception in the 1920s, the Agricultural Show (name later changed to the Swaziland International Trade Fair) has been the country's largest and best-attended annual event.