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Nakasongola District was created in 1997. Prior to that it was part of Luweero District. The commission of inquiry into the local government system in 1987 recognized that Nakasongola was too far away from the administrative center of Luweero to be administered directly from there. Nakasongola suffered from relative neglect due to the distance from the then district headquarters. This became the basis for the creation of Nakasongola District in 1997.  The district covers 4,909 square kilometres (1,895 sq mi) of which 4.6% is permanent wetland. The district comprises three counties, namely:

   Kyabujingo County - Kakooge, Kalongo and Kalungi sub-counties

   Buluuli County - Lwampanga, Wabinyonyi sub-counties and Nakasongola Town Council

   Budyebo County - Nakitoma, Nabiswera and Lwabiyata sub-counties