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Omusati region is one of the thirteen regions of Namibia, its capital is Outapi. Mopani tree is the dominant species; the Makalani palms decrease rapidly westwards from the border with Oshana region. The change in vegetation type reflects ecological conditions forming a natural boundary between the two regions.

The northern part of this region is far more densely populated than the south, where the grazing is of poor quality and the water generally saline. This is predominantly an agricultural region in which mahangu is cultivated successfully. With intensive fertilisation and tilling of the soil, self-sufficiency should be attainable. A canal carries water from the Ruacana river to Oshakati, passing through Uutapi. Water from this canal has been used to irrigate a large, government-run farm at Etunda where crops from maize to watermelon to bananas are grown. Non-agricultural employment opportunities will need to be created, however. The electrical network is expanding; while the rural areas may still lack electricity, towns including Uutapi, Ruacana, Tsandi, Oshikuku, and Okahao all have electricity.