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Sava is a region of Madagascar. Its capital is Sambava. Until 2009 Sava belonged to Antsiranana Province. The region is situated at the northern part of the east coast of Madagascar. It is bordered by Diana to the north, Sofia to the west, and Analanjirofo to the south. The population was estimated to be 805,300 in 2004 and the total area is 25,518 km2 (9,853 sq mi). The region contains wild areas such as Marojejy National Park.

The region is divided into four districts, Sambava, Antalaha, Vohemar, and Andapa. The name of the region is composed of the initial letters of its four principal towns: Sambava, Antalaha, Vohémar, and Andapa. Each of these towns claims the honorific title World Capital of Vanilla, a spice of which the region is the largest producer in the world (especially the highly sought after Bourbon vanilla variety).