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Southern is one of the districts of Botswana. The capital of Southern district (Ngwaketse district) is Kanye, home to the Bangwaketse, one of the largest growing villages in Botswana. Other large villages in the southern district include Moshupa, home to the Bakgatla-ba-ga Mmanaana, and Goodhope, home of the Barolong. The Southern district (Ngwaketse district), is home to Botswana’s second largest beef farmers where there are large privately owned ranges, and several government run beef ranges which provide agricultural support to the local farmers. Maize and sorghum, Botswana’s staple crop, are also raised in the area. Southern district is where the third diamond mine of Botswana was found (the Jwaneng diamond mine), which buoys Botswana’s economic state of prosperity. It was the first district to house the capital city before being moved to Gaborone after independence. It is the first place where traffic laws in Botswana were introduced, by Kgosikgolo Bathoen I.