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What is Freefor?

Freefor was founded in 2011, Freefor specialises in free items with no catches. If you have something at home or at work you no longer need, you can offer it here, completely free of charge.  Similarly, if you need something you can ask for it here too. Everything offered on the Freefor website must be free – it’s a simple rule, and one we are all glad of in today’s economic climate. We do not always have money to buy something so why not ask for it free or we have something we do not need and want to get rid of it, why throw it into a landfill when there is still use in it. Give it away on here and help someone locally and give it a new lease of life. All too often I have been driving along and see furniture, electrical items outside peoples homes and know some of those items are still in a workable condition and could be reused. Think back to when you first started in life with your first home, What did you have to furnish your house? Think of people who have had their own disasters at home like fire or theft. Also think of natural disasters like flooding, tornados and other weather related issues, How do these people cope if they are left with nothing? Freefor allows you to help locally and help a friend. Let your friends know all about us and what we do, you never know you may need Freefor at some point yourself.

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