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Djelfa is the capital city of Djelfa province, Algeria. It has a population of 154,265 (1998 census). The city lies at the junction of the N1 and the N46.

A pleasant medium-size city, north-central Algeria, in the Ouled Nail Mountains at an elevation of 3,734 feet (1,138 m). It is situated between the towns of Bou Saâda and Laghouat. Djelfa town is at a point of transition between the dry, steppelike High Plateaus of the north, with their chotts (intermittent salt lakes), and the Sahara (south). The town was founded in 1852 as a French military post on a geometric plan. It serves as an important livestock market centre for the seminomadic Ouled Nail confederation. Djelfa is on the 12,000 mile Africa Trail.

The surrounding region for centuries has been the meeting place of the Ouled Nail, who live in black-and-red striped tents and claim descent from the Prophet Muhammad.