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Hadspen is a small Australian town on the South Esk River in the north of Tasmania, just south west of Launceston. The centerpiece of the town is the historic property Entally House, the family home of Thomas Reibey who was the Premier of Tasmania from 1876 to 1877. Settlement began in the early 19th Century as a cluster of houses on the Launceston side of the river, near a frequently flooded ford. Over time various bridges were built, largely on the same site, across the river. Though it had been settled for some time Hadspen was only officially declared in 1866.

Most of the town's buildings are residential, and relatively recent. There are heritage properties and some other from colonial times. Entally House was built in 1819 a wealthy settlers colonial estate. The Red Feather Inn was built in the 1840s and remains as a restaurant and accommodation. A gaol from the same time reflects Tasmania's convict past. The two churches have a long history. The Uniting Church building dates back over 150 years, originally as a Wesleyan chapel, and the Anglican Church of the Good Shepherd is known for taking over ninety years to complete.